Dragon Sensory Lovey


Ever notice how little ones just love to fidget with strings, clothing tags, shoelaces and other similar items? These sensory blankets take a baby’s love of stimulation, via texture, and give them a safe way to explore.

It is so developmentally important for little ones to explore various textures and the world around them! Our sensory blankets can help them do just that. Sensory loveys offer an opportunity to provide sensory and cognitive stimulation, who doesn’t love that??

Safety: As will all toys intended for young children; they should not be left unattended with this toy. This item should be inspected for wear and tear prior to every use. If a ribbon begins to fray or separate from the fabric please message our shop and we can help you to troubleshoot.

Care: Machine wash on cold. Some colors from ribbons may fade over time, this is normal. Machine dry on low. Wash with similar colors. Do not iron. No bleach.

Materials; 100% Polyester Ribbon, 100% Cotton Topping, 100% Polyester Minky Backing

CPSC Safety Certified