Our Story

Our Story:

Hello there! My name is Kodie and this small business has been a dream of mine since having my own kids. As a stay-at-home mom to 4 young children, I created this business as an outlet that quickly became a passion. After spending months diving into safety protocols and continuing to work on my craft, I decided to officially launch this website.

After trialing several names and having many discussions with my dear husband; I settled on the name Threads & Roses. Many people ask about why I chose this name.

Threads is simply in reference to how my whole business began; sewing at my dining room table. Sewing had been a hobby I had been wanting to return to for years. So when I made the choice to stay home with our children, my husband finally broke down and bought me a new machine. Little did he know that the one machine would quickly multiple into three, plus a cutting machine, heat press and many other tools and gadgets.

Roses. This is the part of our story that hits closest to home. I was raised by my dear beloved grandparents. My grandma, Barb, was the closest thing I had to a mother. She loved me, raised me, taught me to be strong, and never gave up on me. She was my best friend, therapist and care taker for the first 15 years of my

life. In April of 2007 she suddenly got very sick. After a long hospital stay and a lot of tests they discovered that she had Multiple Myeloma, blood cancer. She never let it get to her though. She put on a strong face and continued to raise myself (15) and my older brother (18). For four long months, she fought her battle as it slowly began to eat away at the woman I loved most. August 25th 2007 she passed away in the hospital after a week long stay. Barb's favorite flower was a yellow rose. She grew them the best she could. The day we got home from the hospital after her passing, there was a single yellow rose blooming. This has continued to be a sign of hope, love and faith in my life.

All of this to say that this business, while once a hobby, is something that I find so much passion in doing now. Now with having our four young children, I want to create things for other young children (as well as my own) to enjoy and love.